Education Security Solution

Education Security

Our schools and campuses require the highest levels of security to assure the safety and protection of students, faculty, and administrative personnel. The education community wants openness and the freedom to move around, making the security challenges formidable. This is where the expertise of Teligent Solutions provides the best possible design.

Teligent Solutions stays on top of the latest technologies to offer customized solutions with a high degree of security and minimal intrusiveness in the lives of those being protected. Teligent Solutions security experts will provide a risk assessment for any size campus so that you can make informed decisions.

All Teligent Solutions systems are scalable to allow for growth in campus housing – on campus and off, new buildings, and work to anticipate new risks.


Campus security options include:

  • IP-based door access control technology
  • Biometric personal identification system
  • Video surveillance with the latest in camera technology, analytics,automated responses, mass notifications, and more
  • Integration with access control and alarm management
  • Cutting-edge offline locks to meet unique access needs
  • Evacuation planning
  • Residential Life Security
  • Campus Emergency Preparedness