Scalable Applications For Every Size and Type Business


Small Business owners work hard. Teligent Solutions is all about protecting your hard work, safekeeping your business from intruders, providing surveillance, monitoring the comings and goings of visitors, and more.  As a small business, you can’t afford to waste time or money on poorly conceived and implemented systems. The Teligent Solutions Team understands the unique requirements of smaller firms and will design a system that will meet your needs… and your budget.

Mid-Sized Business Solutions often start with a smaller platform and then scale to meet the needs of an expanding environement. Integrated components can be added at any time to protect your security investment and build on your success. We will periodically review your safety and security systems to help you assess your evolving risk and will keep you informed of industry advancements so that your customized system remains the best it can be.

Large Corporations require more comprehensive security. Teligent Solutions chooses from the best technology available to secure mission-critical facilities for property management, hospitals, campuses, manufacturers, financial institutions, government and other large-scale environments. We’re not about the quick fix: a Teligent Solutions security expert will work with you to assess your specific safety and security needs and design a system that meets, and exceeds, all of your requirements. Then, we will periodically review your installation to make sure you are taking advantage of the latest technology.