Stratocast™ Camera Connections

Record Video in the Cloud to Eliminate Servers in Your Surveillance System

Stratocast™ is a unique service that records video in the cloud, eliminating the need for any on-premises servers. With no servers or¬†software to install, organizations can deploy their video surveillance system in no time, and without requiring any IT involvement for on-going maintenance or updates.

With the ability to seamlessly connect to Security Center, organizations can leverage Stratocast™ camera connections to easily set up cameras across multiple distributed locations, and monitor video from a central site.


Key Benefits

  • Record video in the cloud to eliminate the need for on-site servers
  • Rapidly deploy cameras without any network configuration required
  • Centrally monitor all cameras from a web app or Security Center
  • System updates and maintenance are seamlessly automated and managed by Genetec™
  • Subscription-based service provides greater purchase flexibility


Stratocast™ Deployment Options

Organizations can rapidly deploy Stratocast™ as a standalone solution across their sites and monitor video from web and mobile apps. Enterprise customers can also monitor Stratocast™ cameras from a central Security Center system, providing access to advanced functionality, while still maintaining all infrastructure in the cloud.