Fire Detection System

State and local governments are paying increased attention to fire/life safety codes. Business owners and facility managers of residential high rise buildings and complexes, office buildings and business parks, hospitals and schools are faced with rapid changes and increased complexity.

Fines for non-compliance can be costly and time consuming. Teligent Solutions stays on top of these changes so that you can rest assured that the safety and security systems provided by Teligent Solutions are in full compliance with local, state and federal requirements.


Choose from a variety of options:

  • Automatic fire alarms use fixed temperature or rate-of-rise temperature devices to detect fire within secondsFire detection
  • Sprinkler water flow alarms detect the flow of water when a sprinkler system is activated
  • Monitors the various functions of a sprinkler system including low water pressure, temperature, gate valve positions, and fire pump(s)
  • Smoke detection activates upon the first products of combustion or smoke accumulation – visible and invisible
  • Monitor boiler failure, abnormal increase or decrease of temperature and flood control of the domestic water supply



  • Modular design for custom solutions
  • Distinctive siren and voice instructions
  • Color-coded LEDs to pinpoint alarms
  • Backlit LCD annunciators provide easy-to-understand system-status messages
  • Paging for medical alerts, security, accidents, weather warnings, and shift changes